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Long-lasting lashes that blend perfectly with your own lashes. Comfortable, carefree round-the-clock glamour, week after week. You can shower, sleep, work out, even swim. Individual lashes are added to your top lashes only using a strong, safe glue.

Expecialties Eyelash Extensions Trainning:

For centuries, long, luxuriant lashes have been the trade mark of the world's most famous beauties from Cleopatra to Sophia Loren to the glamorous Stars of today's red carperts. Now you too can have the longer, fuller, sexier lashes the every women dreams. By varying the lenghts, gradation and style of the lashes your lash technician can create the look that's perfect just for you. Once your lashes are in place You can sleep, exercise, shower even swim and still wake up to long beautyful lashes every day.

Eyelash Extension Training:

Learn the advanced techniques to speed up your application time and learn marketing strategies to enchance your lash bussiness.
- Instructive Manual
- Overview of Eyelash Extensions.
- Health and safety.