:: Divine Spa :: Body Treatments


Minimum treatment for discount: 8 (take 10% off) -12 (take15% off) sessions. Frequencies: 2 or 3 times per week.

Rejuvenating Body Treatments are designed to complement and extend the benefits of our exceptional Skin Care services.

With an effective and innovative alternative for body inch loss, toning, slimming, contour and anti-cellulite treatments, Contact us to make an appointment for any of our specialized rejuvenating body treatments.

* Who is not a good candidate for body treatments:

- Have cardiac and vascular disease.
- Are pregnant or nursing.
- Are going through chemotherapy.
- Have liver or kidney disease.
- Have pace maker
- Have metal plates in the treatment area.
- Are teenager or younger.

:: Divine Spa :: Rejuvenating Body Treatments


Criolypolisis Treatment:

Non-invasive way to eliminate fat in waist back and cellulite selectivity. Effective promoting tissue metabolism, fat reduce, body slimming and shaping. Improve orange peel organization, strengthen the skin elasticity combinating of the latest aesthetic tecnologies.


Pre & Post cosmetic surgery Treatment:

These treatments were created with you specific body need in mind, using electro medicine techniques and the most innovative equipment there is available to provide absolute results, consist of the application of low frequency ultrasonic waves into the fat cells which is able to favor the lipolysis process on the greasy tissues.

The Anti Aging Treatment $85

Promotes cell renewal, the skin becomes more elastic and the adverse effects of sunshine are overcome the skin is gently moisturized.

Aromatherapy Body Scrub Renew: (30 min) $50

Body gommage is the ideal treatment to cleanse away dead skin and leaves the skin soft, supple and tingling with renewed life.

Body Wraps:

Provide an easy elimination of toxinas through the lymphatic system, altering the apperance of the localized fat, inches, cellulites and flaccidity. *YESOTHERAPY *HOT BANDAGES *COLD BANDAGES


Cavitation Treatment:

Is the latest ultrasonic cavitation fat reduction machine combining radio frequency tecnology , it is significatly more effective for fat burning, body shaping, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

Lipo Laser Treatment:

This is no-invasive body shaping weight loss treatment that shrinks fat cells beneath the skin. There are no incision and the fatis removed through the body's natural elimination process.


The Benefits of Vibration Trainning

Enhances Strength and Power The vibrations cause your body to recruit and contract more muscles as a stretch reflex. This enhances the muscles strength and ability over time. It is also very safe and effective.

Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion

The high accelerations cause reflex muscle contractions, which cause your muscles to lengthen as they contract and release, making you more flexible and increasing range of motion.

Relieves Lower Back Pain

The massaging effect helps to release tension and pain associated with lower back pain. Also, weak muscles around the lower back region are strengthened to assist in supporting your posture and back pain.


Assists Weight Loss

Contracting muscles leads to an increase in metabolic rate which burns more calories. Because your muscles are contracting 100% and it is more effective this will mean you are burning more calories and will cause the fat to transform into muscle over time. This however should be backed up by a healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise but goes by the well know weight loss fact that you must burn more calories than you consume.

Increases Hormone Profile

Due to the intensity of vibration training, the blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body increases. This causes the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to increase. This is the hormone which regenerates and repairs tissues. It also lowers the Cortisol levels, which cause stress and increase testosterone levels, which improve muscle strength and tone. It also increases endorphins which elevate your mood and suppress pain.

Improves Circulation

The contracting muscles encourage blood vessels to open and blood to be pumped around the body at a more rapid rate. This means waste products are removed quicker, damaged tissue is cleared out faster and restorative nutrients are brought to the muscles tissue more efficiently. This leaves you feeling fitter and healthier.

Prevents Bone Mineral Loss/ Increases Bone Density

The impact the vibrations have directly on the bone and muscle causes the bones to become stronger as the bone adjusts its strength to handle the impacts which are being applied. This also stimulates the production of new bone tissue by the increase in hormones such as Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone which are essential for strong bones.

Enhances Postural Stability (Balance)

The contracting of your core and back muscles results in stronger muscles to help stabilize and correct your posture.

Enhances Sports Performance

The contracting of your muscles increases muscle density making you stronger. It also encourages the use of your fast twitch fibres which makes you faster. It also encourages recovery time by clearing out excess lactic acid by transferring into your lymphatic system.

Improves Quality of Life

All of the above benefits lead to an improvement in the quality of ones life.